Our Practitioners

Meet our team of practitioners. You can find additional information on our Bios page.

Eileen Sirois

Eileen Sirois, CNM, CFCP/CFCMC

Athens, North Columbus
Emily Mauro

Emily Mauro RN, FCP

North Columbus Metro Area

Judy Harness, RN, MS, CFCP

Chillicothe area
Jen Loos, FCP, BFA

Jen Loos, FCP, BFA

Clintonville, North Linden

Freedom FertilityCare is a service program for monitoring, maintaining and evaluating a women’s procreative and gynecological health. The program works cooperatively and naturally with the woman’s body. It is an affiliate of FertilityCare Centers of America. The system is taught in a client instruction organization of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. In the Creighton model an allied health professional will meet one on one with a client to tailor make the system specifically for the client. Creighton Model FertilityCare provides the couple with the means to be able to freely express their reproductive potential. It will assist those couples of normal fertility to accurately achieve and avoid pregnancy. It also specializes in a new reproductive science called NaPro Technology to aid in infertility and health considerations such as ovarian cysts, hormone disorders, miscarriages and many others. It can be used for a woman’s entire procreative life, from menarche to menopause. It works with any situation – regular, irregular cycles, breastfeeding or premenopausal.