The Wonder of Eve

Understand the power and strength created within the female body

The Wonder of Eve is a fresh and engaging presentation, helping young women understand
how naturally amazing their bodies are and the impact their choices can have on their
future health and fertility.

The Wonder of Eve Covers:

  • the marvelous design and function of the female body
  • and reproductive system/menstrual cycles
  • a brief introduction to tracking cycles—a unique approach
    to women’s healthcare, no matter the stage in life
  • ways to take good care of yourself now, to benefit you
    in the future.

Periodically offered at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s

Check the website for the date of the next program

  • -Geared toward girls in grades 8-12.
  • -Presented by a Certified Nurse-midwife and a FertilityCare Practitioner
  • -60 minute presentation including Q&A