After trying for a year to get pregnant, my husband and I were referred to a fertility clinic. Upon looking at my test results, the specialist recommended drugs, IVF and a possible donor egg.

We decided we wanted to try a natural approach and set up an appointment with a NFP doctor and began meeting with a Fertility Care Practitioner. The system was incredibly easy to use and is affordable for anyone who may be trying to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

By studying my body with the Creighton Model System, we were able to discover that I had autoimmune issues that were also contributing to my infertility.

I began with a diet change, natural supplements and minimal hormones. My numbers started to improve and within 8 months I was pregnant with our first child. Our daughter is now a year old and our second child is due in December.

With Creighton, we also monitored my progesterone levels and administered progesterone shots. Without this, I am not sure if I would have been able to maintain either of my pregnancies.

I wish every woman in the world knew about the Creighton Model System. They should at least have the option to try this natural approach. Doctors seem eager to recommend drugs and procedures but the fact is, many women have underlying issues with their bodies that need to be addressed first.

Thanks to the Creighton Model and the incredible team behind this system, I have been blessed with better health and the miraculous gift of motherhood.